Project 2

5 large size Lots subdivision has been completed on the property owned by PRC at Batty Road and Hawthorne Lane, Karaka, South Auckland. 

Successful restoration of native bush and enhancement of natural feature have been completed, which provides a sustainable and productive farming or hobby farming opportunity with enjoyment of life style living ...

  1. The subdivision application was lodged in March 2015, and Resource consent was granted in October 2016;

  2. The requirement of restoration native planting and enhancement of ecological feature was fulfilled in 2015 and required maintenance of the planting site is still ongoing for a few years. The other requirements including power, telephone and entrance of each lot have been also completed.

  3. 10 Ha of extensive native vegetation has been well established and they are robustly growing and being permanently established to reach at the substantial native bush to its beautiful nature which will be reflected with the value of the land within a few years.

  4. Sizes of each lot are between 5.5 and 15 Ha. The fertile farm land is suitable for productive orchard, productive farming, hobby farming or horse or cattle crazing with a enjoyment of lifestyle living.

  5. All 5 Lots are located in reasonably convenient location with close proximity to Papakura, Drury, Pukekohe, Manukau City, Auckland Airport and CBD and you can find all the services including school, medical facilities and market etc. surrounding the area.  Hamilton is also within only an hour drive.

    See Outline of each lot as below;



Area Map distances.emf.png

Lot 1, address: 178 Batty Road, Karaka, Papakura, Auckland

178 Batty.png

Lot 1 - Photo Gallery

Lot 2 has been sold

Lot 3, address: 140 Batty Road, Karaka, Papakura, Auckland

140 Batty.png

Lot 3 - Photo Gallery

Lot 4, address: 41 Hawthorne Lane, Karaka, Papakura, Auckland

41 Hawthorne.png

Lot 4 - Photo Gallery

Lot 5, address: 69 Hawthorne Lane, Karaka, Papakura, Auckland

69 Hawthorne.png

Lot 5 - Photo Gallery