Investment to Perfect Lifestyle Residence

For those of you who are after Lifestyle Residence

41 Hawthorne Lane Residence (Luxury residence on 6.5 Ha on lifestyle area) is a perfect choice for buyers who are after quality lifestyle in a quiet rural area. Situated at 40km distance from CBD of Auckland, along with busy shopping areas within 10 - 15 km, 41 Hawthorne Lane property package will satisfy investors who want relaxed or hobby farming with balanced lifestyle but also would like to be in touch with vibrant city and various amenities within proximity location

Location, Location, Location

As indicted in the map below, 41 Hawthorne Lane Karaka is just close to Auckland CBD, international airport and proximity to several busy local city centres, Auckland is one of the fastest ever growing cities in the world, with potential expansion for urban area plan shift to the area. This beautiful lifestyle residence features property with potential of growing to part of urban area will soon be gone from the market, which will give you very rare opportunity to grab now.

[Area Map – Beautiful farm close to all busy local central’s amenities] [1][2]

Area Map distances.emf.png

[1] In 2017 Infrastructure New Zealand chief executive Stephen Selwood said the city could eventually extend northwest to Karaka and across the Pahurehure Inlet to Weymouth, and Paerata was the preferable candidates for residential location to ease up Auckland housing supply shortage

[2] Housing Minister Phil Twyford told the media he was very interested in work being done by Infrastructure New Zealand for a satellite city centred round the small settlement of Paerata, just north of Pukekohe

Benefits for Overseas Buyers

If you are an overseas buyer planning to immigrate to New Zealand, you could be exempt from Overseas Investment Office(OIO)’s consent to acquire this size of land, which is usually mandatory. This 3 million and more investment of residential property package for 4 years will enable the buyer to obtain permanent residential Visa, provided that you comply with the criteria set out below;

New Zealand, Real quality life, Once in your Life Time

New Zealanders believe life is for living. New Zealand was rated the 6th work-life balance country in HSBC’s 2017 Expat Explorer survey, and Auckland is the 3rd best city for quality of life, by Mercer’s Quality of Living Index.

Auckland benefits residents by giving safe and secure family friendly environment. Regardless to mention the clean and beautiful nature, always-moderate temperature (average 20- 25 ˚C in summer, and 12-16 ˚C in winter), along with clear sky with rich sunlight will give the new comers very new feelings of beautiful clean nature.

If the buyers are coming from overseas looking for investment with new lifestyle in New Zealand with safety, clean, green and pollution free environment, this property package with farm business at 178 Batty Road, Karaka will be the suitable choice for your new balance lifestyle in this new world.

Investor 2 Visa[3]

Investor 2 visa is for migrants who are seeking for NZD 3 million and over investments for settlement in New Zealand.

Points system – Minimum 100 to enter

  • Years of Business experience – management

    • 3 years 9, 4 years 12, …

  • Amount of investment

    • 3 million minimum 80 points, the more amount, the more points

  • English Language

    • Points by IELTS marks (minimum 3)

  • Age

    • Up to 65 years old

  • Selection quota of 400 per annum

Meaning of business experience

  • your business experience must include planning, organisation, control, senior change-management, direction-setting, and mentoring

  • you must have acquired your business experience as an owner or senior manager of a lawful business enterprise that had 5 or more full-time employees, or an annual turn-over of NZ $1 million.

  • When we assess applications for Investor 2 Resident Visas, we only award points for recognised business experience.

Meaning of Investment

  • Have to meet “acceptable investments” criteria

  • To be invested at least 4 years

  • The funds you nominate for your investment must be in addition to the funds you’re required to have to settle in New Zealand

  • The funds and/or assets you nominate for your investment can’t be borrowed, or have a loan or bond against them.

Acceptable Investment criteria

  • be able to make a commercial return

  • be invested in New Zealand

  • be invested in New Zealand dollars

  • be invested in lawful enterprises or managed funds

  • have the potential to contribute to New Zealand's economy

  • not be for your personal use, eg your home, boat, or car.

Forms of investments (Examples from forms of investments)

  • equity in New Zealand firms - these can be public or private

  • equities in New Zealand registered banks

  • residential property development

  • eligible New Zealand venture capital funds

  • commercial property


  • it's a new development, and not a renovation or extension to an existing residential property

  • the development has the necessary approvals and consents

  • the purpose of the development is to make a commercial return on the open market - it must not be for you, your family or friends to live in.

  • You can't include the costs of any regulatory approvals or consents in your investment funds.

Property Plan - Indicative

Main Dwelling Plan - Indicative

Main Dwelling Concept Drawing - Indicative

Property Plan – 2nd Dwelling - Indicative